Truck drivers – Don’t let winter take you by surprise!

Although it’s a beautiful autumn outside the window, one should not forget that winter is approaching fast. Low temperatures, strong winds or heavy snowfall can make driving difficult. In such conditions, vigilance and rational thinking on the part of the driver are not without importance, but also a well-maintained and prepared vehicle.

Technical inspection is a must! It is definitely worth checking the technical condition of your fleet before the start of the winter season, which will help avoid many surprises on the road. Not without importance is also the replacement of tires, which should be properly selected for the type of vehicle. In the case of trucks, the important elements to pay attention to are whether the tires have a radial structure, reinforced sidewalls, and what the maximum load parameter is, which for a truck should be a minimum of 500 kilograms. Although in Poland there is no legal obligation to replace tires with winter tires, it is worth checking whether the country to which the route is planned does not require the truck to be equipped with such tires.

Truck drivers
Truck drivers – Don’t let winter take you by surprise!

Maintain your truck before winter

In winter weather, it is important to use coolant that is resistant to freezing, this will save problems such as damage to the radiator. The braking system, headlights or even windshield wipers should also be checked, as each component of the vehicle has an impact on driver safety.

The biggest nightmare on winter days for any driver, not just a truck, is the battery. In this matter, too, it will help to go to a workshop, which will thoroughly check its technical condition. In addition, drivers, can clean the battery housing and terminals or check the condition of the electrolyte. On winter days, it is worth inspecting the air system, especially the air dryer. A faulty air dryer can lead to the formation of ice crystals, which can contribute to valve clogging.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” applies 100% in this situation. Certainly, preparing a truck that travels thousands of kilometers every day, in the harsh conditions that prevail during the winter, will help reduce the occurrence of faults or breakdowns during the route.In the transport industry, each unscheduled stop is associated with delays in deliveries, resulting in financial losses.

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