Truck driver job

As small children, we looked in awe at the huge cars that cruised past us on the roads. More than one person dreamed of getting behind the wheel of such a vehicle in the future. At the time, no one thought that the work of a professional driver is very demanding and involves many sacrifices. But let’s not exaggerate, there is also the other side of the coin.

What conditions must be met to become a professional truck driver?

The key element is to have a license that allows you to drive a vehicle with a semi-trailer or heavy trailer exceeding 750 kg gross vehicle weight, that is, a category C+E driver’s license. This is the first and indispensable element of this profession, which comes at a fairly high cost. It is mandatory to have a driver’s card and current medical and psychological examinations. Some employers also require a certificate of no criminal record. It is worth bearing in mind that drivers can apply for additional licenses, for example, for the carriage of dangerous goods.

Is the job of a truck driver for everyone?

Definitely not. Even if driving gives someone pleasure, it may turn out that he will quickly give up this profession. Long, sedentary routes, impeded rest, stress and constant concentration mean that a physically fit person who does not struggle with chronic illnesses should apply for such a position.

A candidate applying for a job as a professional driver should bear in mind that going on the road involves many challenges and unplanned situations, so an important aspect is imagination, that is, the ability to foresee the possible consequences of decisions. Dealing with loneliness, knowledge of foreign languages and a sense of responsibility will definitely be a great asset. The work of a driver is not just about getting from point A to point B, the driver’s duty is also to fill out documentation related to unloading and loading. However, do not be overly concerned, drivers always have the support of a freight forwarder.

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Truck driver job

Why become a professional driver?

Separation from the family, many hours on the road, these are just a few downsides to what this profession carries with it are the upsides. The first is high wages, especially on international routes. In addition, by traveling to other countries, drivers often have the opportunity to visit picturesque places where tourists rarely go. Meeting many new people and cultures is also an interesting experience. In such a profession, there is rather no room for routine. Variable conditions and unpredictable situations make every route different.

The profession of truck driver is definitely for passionate people who, despite the many downsides, will also appreciate the beautiful side of this profession. It is worth remembering that there is a constant demand for drivers in the market, so you should not worry about a lack of jobs.

Are you interested in working as a truck driver? We invite you to apply for the position of C+E category driver in our company. You can find more information on our website, under the careers tab.

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