Advanced information technologies

At LCL Spedition we have opted for the most modern technology used for classification and handling of shipments, implementing advanced world-class IT systems.

LCL Spedition builds its competitive advantage by introducing new technologies in all fields of the company’s activity. Many systems have already been implemented, but we are constantly working on new projects.

Modern IT systems

Integrated GPS system

100% of LCL Spedition vehicles are equipped with a real-time vehicle tracking system.

  • Ongoing communication between the driver and the company’s headquarters.
  • Full control over the course of a transport order.
  • Avoiding accident areas and areas with heavy traffic.
  • Effective route planning for drivers.
  • Verification of the driver’s work, whether they drive according to the principles of „eco-driving”.

Specialised IT systems

Special system for managing refrigerated trailers

  • Possibility to control the temperature inside the trailer in real time by the forwarder.
  • A special technology that sends notifications when the trailer’s door is opened during transport, allowing you to keep the cargo safe.
  • View the actual position of the semi-trailer, which is equipped comes with an additional GPS module.
  • Alert about not maintaining proper temperature in the trailer.
  • Additional remote locking of the trailer.
  • A special warning system about the low fuel level in the trailer unit, which monitors the continuity of the maintenance process the right temperature.

Advanced world-class IT systems. Central monitoring and planning system. TMS-class system.

Systems for forwarding agents

Electronic transport order management system

  • Automating repetitive tasks.
  • Maintaining order in transport documentation.
  • Assigning a special number to each order.
  • Minimize invoicing errors by 99.9%.
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