Security culture

We effectively care for people’s safety,
shipments and the environment.


Safety of people

The health and life of people are most important to us. In everyday practice, we use processes that effectively care for the safety of people in all fields of action. We have implemented the ISO 45001 Certificate, which is an internationally recognized Management System of Occupational Health and Safety. This certificate confirms that LCL SPEDITION manages the processes and associated risks with occupational health and safety in a systematic and consistent manner. Receiving the certificate shows commitment to the care of the company for the work environment and employee health, as well as continuous improvement of health and safety processes.

Safety od people as the company goal
Continuous improvement of health and safety processes


Security of shipments

We constantly increase the safety of cargo transportation. All vehicles are equipped with integrated GPS systems, which allow for ongoing communication between the driver and the LCL SPEDITION headquarters. The experience of our drivers and the cargo management team from the company’s headquarters is also important. Every load is monitored on an ongoing basis, its status and location are sent in real-time. Advanced IT systems make an impact on the safety and efficiency of conducted shipping projects.

ETA for each shipment GPS system


Environmental safety

Our fleet meets the European environmental protection standards EURO 6, and our information technologies collect information about the driving style of our drivers. Thanks to this solution, we have an impact on environmental protection.

Eco-driving at LCL SPEDITION consists of:

European enviromental standards Euro 6