Safety culture

We are effective in ensuring the safety of people, shipments and the environment.

Occupational, health and safety management systems

Safety of people

LCL Spedition’s core competence is servicing the e-commerce industry. We have many years of experience, thousands of completed projects for market leaders and smaller companies throughout Europe. We carry out full and partial deliveries in Door to Door and Just in Time systems. We optimise costs. We guarantee efficient and proven forwarding solutions. Our competence is confirmed by the references we have received from our long-term partners.

We take care of your goods

Shipment security

We are continually improving the safety of freight transport. All vehicles are equipped with integrated GPS systems that allow real-time communication between the driver and LCL Spedition’s head office. The experience of our drivers and the cargo management team from our head office is also extremely important for maintaining safety. Each load is monitored in real time, its status and location transmitted in real time. Advanced IT systems contribute to the safety and efficiency of the forwarding projects carried out.

ETA for each shipment. GPS systems to monitor the position of the vehicle and cargo.

Environmental standards

Environmental safety

Our fleet meets the EURO 6 European environmental standards and our information technology collects information on the driving style of our drivers. With this solution, we have an impact on environmental protection. Eco-driving at LCL Spedition consists of:

  • Our drivers anticipate the traffic situation – we avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.
  • Engine shutdown during stops of more than 60 seconds.
  • Regularly checking tire pressure.
  • Avoid using idling.
  • Don’t warm up the engine before going on tour.
  • Cars equipped with a manual gearbox are equipped with a gear shift assistant that helps to maintain the principles of eco-driving.

European environmental standards EURO 6 .

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