Environmental protection

The philosophy associated with LCL Spedition’s full commitment to environmental processes is implemented in many different areas of the company.

#LCLECO together for nature

We will plant 5,000 trees together

Planting trees is one of the many environmental activities carried out by our company. It is a natural step to improve air quality in Zielona Góra. It stems from a concern for local communities and is part of the wider #LCLECO Together for Nature activities.

LCL Spedition educates

A specially trained employee of our company, provides training for the youngest children. He shows them how we can care for the environment together. He teaches the children how, among other things:

  • Segregate waste at home and school.
  • Saving water and electricity.
  • Alternative forms of transport.
  • Provides examples of how many resources, such as water and electricity, need to be used to produce selected goods.

LCL Spedition meets European emissions standards

We systematically replace our fleet. The result of this is that our vehicles meet the stringent combustion standards. 100% of our vehicles are classified under the EURO 6 standard.

Renewable energy at LCL Spedition

Concern for the environment is a priority for us, which is why we make conscious decisions about how we source our energy. Our company, actively seeks to reduce our impact on the planet by using only renewable energy sources. For us, this is not only a matter of compliance with current standards, but also an expression of our commitment to sustainability.

By using energy exclusively from renewable sources, we not only minimise our impact on greenhouse gas emissions, but also support the development of sustainable energy practices.

We comply with the EURO 6 European environmental standards.

#LCLECO together for nature

Eco-driving in LCL Spedition

Our information technology collects information about drivers’ driving styles. This solution allows us to influence this aspect of the business. Eco-driving consists of:

  • Anticipating the traffic situation by our drivers – avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking.
  • Engine shutdown during stops of more than 60 seconds.
  • Regularly checking the tire pressure.
  • Avoiding the use of idling.
  • No need to warm up the engine before embarking on the road.
  • Cars equipped with a manual gearbox are equipped with a gear shift assistant that helps to keep the principles of eco-driving.
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