Gadgets for a professional driver – the perfect gift

You often hear that truck drivers are a bit like sailors. The system in which they work is less, but confusingly similar to that of sailors. Frequent trips, stays away from home. The driver is said to be a guest at home. Being a driver is quite an adventure, but also a life full of challenges and separation from loved ones. For this reason, the vehicle, is the driver’s second home. It is a well-equipped kitchen, a bedroom, but also a place to relax and unwind, all within a few square meters.

What kind of gift for a professional driver?

Christmas is approaching, and it’s gift-giving time. How often do you struggle with creativity and look for a good gift idea for your loved ones? To meet this challenge, we give you some ideas for – in our opinion – a useful gift for a truck driver.

Gadgets for a professional driver - the perfect gift
Gadgets for a professional driver – the perfect gift

Awakener – a ring that will not let you fall asleep

A moment of distraction can even cost us our lives. Awakener is a device that constantly monitors the pulse. In the event of a drop in concentration, it begins to vibrate and beep. This is a suggestion that an extra break is needed. This inexpensive device can prove to be a very useful gadget.

Car coffee maker

Coffee is an essential drink for any driver. It helps keep you alert, warms you up, but also gives you a lot of pleasure. There are several types of coffee makers available on the market, powered from the cigarette lighter socket. Being able to drink fresh coffee will be appreciated by any driver.

Kitchen accessories

Here we have a lot of room to choose. You can choose between a travel stove, a portable refrigerator for frozen refills or one that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. A thermos, travel utensils, disposable paper cups or handy packaged cutlery will be a super solution. We also recommend a set of food containers to help maintain hygiene and divide food into portions. You can never have too many of these!

Video recorder

Anyone who drives thousands of kilometers a month knows how useful this device is. It records what is happening in front or behind the vehicle – depending on where it is mounted. It is an effective tool for fighting crooks on the road. In the event of a traffic incident, it can provide evidence to determine the perpetrator. Remember, pay attention to the quality of the camera – consider devices with a minimum of Full HD resolution.

Wireless charger

One of my favorite gadgets. I personally recommend a phone holder with a built-in inductive charger. It allows you to quickly put your phone in the holder, using only one hand. You don’t have to attach with a cable. The phone charges whenever it is in the holder. A discharged battery will never surprise you again.

Rugs for the cabin

Yes, as mentioned earlier – the truck cab is the driver’s second home. He needs to feel good, cozy and comfortable there. Well-made rugs will change the cabin beyond recognition. You can find personalized, specially embroidered, humorous, or with some nice slogan. Think about which option to choose. Velour rugs will affect the coziness of the cabin, rubber or eco-leather ones will be easier to clean.

Decorative gadgets

Drivers love to personalize the cabin of their vehicle. We often see a plaque with a name, the name of a city, the flag of a country or a favorite football team. Maybe a good solution would be an LED plaque with a name, or a logo of your choice for the rear wall of the cab?

As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas. Determine your budget and choose from our suggestions. All of them seem practical, but everyone is different. For one it will be a coffee maker that will be a hit, for another a wireless charger. It may happen, of course, that none of the above is good enough. Then be sure to share with us your gift idea for a truck driver.

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