Economical truck driving – is it possible?

Is it possible to drive a truck economically? Definitely yes! Economical driving allows you to significantly reduce costs related to fuel consumption, among other things, which is at a premium for many fleets.

Eco driving is about driving a route in the shortest possible time while maintaining safety and reducing fuel consumption. Eco-driving is influenced by many factors, such as driving style, the technical condition of the vehicle, and the conditions under which the route is made. It is worth emphasizing at the outset that the idea of economic driving does not refer only to the behavior and habits of the truck driver, but also to fleet owners. It is the fleet owner who is responsible for the technical condition of the vehicle, which is not insignificant when driving economically. In addition, it will be helpful if the fleet is equipped with cruise control, which allows it to maintain a constant and even speed.

Economical truck driving
Economical truck driving – is it possible?

How to drive a truck economically?

Truck drivers should implement several rules into their driving, which include:

  • starting as soon as the ignition key is turned, avoiding so-called “warming up the car“,
  • avoiding driving in first gear, as this is when the highest fuel consumption occurs,
  • avoiding rapid acceleration and braking, and if possible brake with the engine,
  • use cruise control,
  • plan the route in advance,
  • try to anticipate the behavior of other traffic participants,
  • take care to distribute the load evenly, the vehicle should be loaded equally on each axle.

By implementing a few rules into the driving style, the truck driver is able to really reduce fuel consumption and thus minimize costs. In addition to lower combustion, an additional benefit is reduced wear and tear on components such as the clutch and transmission. The basis of eco-driving is calm driving, based mainly on anticipating possible situations on the road, which in turn translates into the safety of the driver and other traffic participants.

Eco-driving, as we can see, does not require special skills, willingness and time are enough, because it is with time that we are able to develop new, healthy habits that will stay with us for years.

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