17 year olds behind the wheel of trucks!

The political parties of Lower Saxony in Germany, the SPD and CDU, would like to make it possible for people over the age of 17 to obtain truck driving licenses. This is supposed to be a way to address a sizable crisis in the transportation industry.

The important thing is that young people taking up this position would not be able to go on the road alone at the beginning of their career. In order to gain confidence and driving experience, they would be expected to take courses under the guidance of an experienced driver.

17-year-olds and the driving profession in Germany

As we know, Germany’s transportation industry is facing a shortage of drivers. Despite the high salaries, this profession is not in great demand. In addition, in Germany, you can finish your education at the age of 16, which makes working as a professional driver unattractive for young people, who can only get the right to drive at the age of 18. Lowering the minimum age for obtaining a truck driver’s license will help increase interest in the profession and give young people the opportunity to gain experience alongside drivers with more seniority.

The need for changes in the process of obtaining a driver’s license

Allowing 17-year-olds to drive trucks would necessitate changes in the process of obtaining a driver’s license. So far, category C and C+E can be obtained after obtaining a category B license. The proposal is to implement the possibility of earning these categories during one course. The controversy is that a young person who has just obtained driving privileges would immediately have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a a truck.

The idea of allowing 17-year-olds to drive large 40-ton rigs would be a nod to young Germans who are looking for their first job. Whether this idea would be a remedy for the crisis in the transport industry we will find out if this legislation is introduced by our western neighbors.

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