Are you organizing transportation? This change could save you from losing money – OCP policy

Many companies have a need to transport goods. Depending on the type of company and the form of its business, the need for transportation services is different. What goals are most often set by the person responsible for organizing transportation in the company?

  1. Arrange transportation as cheaply as possible.
  2. Make it so that the car gets to its destination on time.

Sound familiar?

OCP policy, or insurance of the transported goods.

Of course, price and quality are two important factors, but often when organizing transportation, one forgets about an equally important issue, which is the OCP policy. Some carriers have such a policy, which is liability insurance for a road carrier engaged in the transportation of goods. If the transport is carried out smoothly, it is rarely paid attention to whether the carrier has such a policy. The situation changes 180 degrees when the goods are stolen or damaged during transport. What to do then? Outsourcing transportation to a company that does not have an OCP policy is risky. If a company has purchased goods for, say, one million zlotys and they are stolen, it may be impossible for the carrier to pay out. Equally important will also be the topic: what information should be on the CMR document to protect the goods? It will be covered in a separate article.

The recommended solution is to verify the carrier’s third-party liability insurance policy before providing transportation services. The value of the policy should be adequate to the purchase value of the goods to be transported. Most often, in addition to the OCP policy, it is also required that the carrier provide confirmation of payment for the policy.

LCL Spedition – a safe solution

By changing your habits, you can guard against huge problems. Theft in transportation is a common occurrence. When outsourcing the transportation of high-value goods, it is also worth choosing additional protective solutions. One of them may be to choose LCL Spedition, which has refrigerated vehicles in its fleet. Their bodywork makes it difficult to access the cargo area, and the trailer itself has an additional remote door locking system. Two GPS transmitters are also an important feature, allowing the tractor-trailer and semi-trailer to be tracked in real time. Also, the warranty value in LCL Spedition ‘s policy allows it to carry most of the available cargo without worrying about theft or cargo damage.

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