Is it worth using fuel cards?

For companies in the transportation industry, fuel is an essential element for operation. From the company’s point of view, the security and convenience of payment and billing are essential. What is a fuel card and what benefits does it provide? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

What is a fuel card?

A fuelcard allows cashless transactions for fuel. It can be issued to a person, vehicle or bearer. The important thing is that it not only allows cashless payment for fuel, but offers additional benefits such as the ability to pay highway tolls, discounts on fuel or make other purchases. Note that not all points accept fuel card payments, so it is advisable to first familiarize yourself with the places that offer such an option. In addition, most cards cover points both within our country and abroad, which will be useful especially for international transport companies.

What does the fuel card provide?

For the company, it is primarily a number of savings, such as fuel discounts and the possibility of tax refunds in many countries in Europe. Equipping employees with a fuel card helps to control and manage fuel expenses, and thanks to a collective invoice that takes into account all company vehicle transactions, companies have a simplified form of accounting. When employees do not use fuel cards, it can be very cumbersome and time-consuming to account for each transaction separately, especially when a company has a large fleet. Reducing the possibility of employee fraud is another advantage of using fuel cards. From the driver’s point of view, it saves time, as there is no need to calculate a specific amount, no need to worry about whether he has enough money, and no need to collect invoices for each fueling.

Is it worth using fuel cards
Is it worth using fuel cards?

Which fuel card should you choose?

When choosing a fuel card, it is important to pay attention to several aspects. The first is the limit on the minimum monthly amount of vehicle refueling. Another important element is the territorial coverage of the card and the additional services that you will be able to pay for using such a card. There are various offers available on the market, including a number of additional options, which will certainly make each entrepreneur find one that will be most beneficial for him.

Without a doubt, fuel cards will work well for both small and large companies. They are a huge convenience and simplification of many things, both for the person using the vehicle and for the fleet owner himself.

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