Forge of young talents – LCL KK NIDAN!

Sport is health. With this almost everyone will agree. What does regular exercise and competition bring? Without a doubt, it will reduce stress, relieve tension, clear your mind, help you think more clearly and improve concentration. In addition, you will stop being lethargic, your mood will improve and you will feel a surge of energy.

Playing sports from a young age hardens the spirit and awakens healthy competition. It shapes respect for your body and for other people. That’s why it’s so important for young people to awaken a passion for sports, a passion that will channel potential and energy for good.

LCL’s cooperation with the NIDAN Karate Club

We started our cooperation back when we were still the Lubuskie Logistics Center, and for years we have been working with the Karate Club “NIDAN” – Zielona Góra. Being aware of the importance of investing in the potential of young people, our heart clings to these young talents.

In Japanese, the word “kara” means “empty”, “te” means “hand”, so the word karate should be understood as “empty hand”.

Traditional karate is an art of self-defense that uses the human body exclusively and in the most effective way. Karate fighting is all about overpowering your opponent, not using weapons, but only parts of your own body. It not only teaches how to defeat attackers, but also develops character, self-control, reflexes and precision of movement.

Should children train in karate?

In the minds of many parents the question arises, should children train karate? We always hear one answer from our partners – by all means!

This training in children is not only about the body, but also about the mind and character. New students practice composure, but also battle cry. On top of this, young adepts learn self-control, but also work on their character, learn to set and achieve goals, realize the need to belong. All this has a positive effect on concentration and learning. There are also undeniable physical benefits, such as cleverness, fitness and endurance. This is the best recipe for developing balance and fluidity of movement.

Do we need more arguments to appreciate the work the “NIDAN” Karate Club is doing?

LCL title sponsor of KK NIDAN

In November 2021, the culmination of our long cooperation was the signing of a sponsorship agreement. LCL became the title sponsor of the Nidan Club. This follows the signing of a tripartite agreement between the company, the club and the Foundation for the Promotion and Development of Traditional Karate NIDAN.
“I am very pleased, because the foundation and our club for the coming year have financial security,” said Anatoly Kalashnikov, president of the foundation and spokesman for the club. – “Due to the conclusion of the agreement with the title sponsor, the name of the club is changing. The owners of the company Agata and Matthew Oleksiejuk have been with our foundation since its inception. They are wonderful people with big hearts, so I am very happy that we will continue to follow our common paths.”

“Thanks to the concluded agreement, better times are coming for the club.” – Miroslaw Kuciarski, trainer at the NIDAN Karate Club, added. – “We have been cooperating with LCL for two years now, thanks to it our club has received financial support, which greatly helps our athletes to develop athletically. Thank you very much.”

LCL Karate Club NIDAN Zielona Gora – from today, under such a name, athletes of the largest Zielona Gora organization of karatekas will win trophies. As before, so now we keep our fingers crossed for the young talents and look forward to their successes. Sometimes all it takes is a little support to achieve success and make dreams come true.

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