Polish truck festivals in 2022

We usually associate festivals with mass music events, crowds of people, concerts and a summer atmosphere. When saying “festival,” one often has in front of one’s eyes Poland’s popular Open’er in Gdynia or Pol’and’Rock – the former Woodstock Festival. Meanwhile, among the wide range of festival offerings, there will also be something for fans of cars and trucks.

What are festivals?

The term “festival” itself comes from the Latin adjective fēstus, meaning “lively, joyful, merry.” Today, the term refers to a series of events of one type, organized at a specific time and place, often framed as a competition. Usually these events are artistic, although they can also be about science, technology and current issues in a particular field or interdisciplinary. Thus, we have music festivals, film festivals, theater festivals, cabaret festivals, science festivals and those concerning specific communities like the Slavic and Viking Festival, Children’s Culture Festival, Entrepreneurship Festival or International Photography Festival.

It is not surprising that automotive fans, who are a very large group, also have their own events, rallies and festivals. In our country, we can go to the Motor Show, the Rally of Japanese Automotive Fans, the Tuning Moto Festival, the Fiat 126p Rally, the Street Meeting Race and many others. These events are sometimes both intimate and organized on a grand scale, bringing together thousands of visitors.

Festivals for car and truck fans

The three largest and most important festivals dedicated to heavy-duty automotive enthusiasts have been scheduled in three different locations in Poland and staggered so that everyone can go to each event.

Polish truck festivals in 2022
Polish truck festivals in 2022

Baltic Truck Festival

The first of these is the Baltic Truck Festival, which took place June 24-26 at the Polsat Plus Arena stadium in Gdansk. Events of this type are always loud and crowded and automotive events are intertwined with musical ones. Truck drift, strongman competitions, medical rescue shows, driving simulators or the Polish professional drivers’ championship are just some of the attractions prepared. The organizers of the festival also thought about the youngest participants, for whom an inflatable town, beach zone and fairy tale vehicle display were set up. Food and beverage areas and exhibition stands of automotive companies were available throughout the event. More than 270 trucks and kits took part in the rally, entering contests for the most beautiful truck of the rally, the best-lit truck, the best cab interior or sound system. There was also a lot going on on the music stage, with a number of bands and DJs performing. However, stylistically and technically modified vehicles invariably remain the biggest attraction of such festivals.

Master Truck Show

When the emotions have subsided after the impressions of the seaside Truck Festival, you can go to the Master Truck Showtaking place at the airfield in Polska Nowa Wieś near Opole on July 15-17. This is by far the best-known industry event in our country and abroad, with many visitors from abroad – both as visitors and participants. The event is not only a recreational event, but also an exhibition and attracts entrepreneurs from all over Europe. During the event we will see tuned trucks, military vehicles, oldtimers, vans and cars, agricultural machinery and motorcycles. Aerial, motorcycle, police, fire and military demonstrations are other attractions planned for the duration of the event. There will also be a motorcycle trial and stunt, off-road rides, unimoto, auctions of classics, an exhibition of remote-controlled models, agility contests, a traffic town, an industry fair music concerts, a funfair, a Night Light Show… the list seems endless, and applause for those who will be able to see most of the attractions. Of course, the highlight of the show is the truck show – and the most beautiful vehicles from all over Europe are coming down here.

Truck Show Podlasie

The next truck rally, closing out the season, will already have much less momentum and size – it’s Truck Show Podlasie, to be held August 5-7 in Grajewo, Podlaskie Voivodeship. This is only the third edition of this increasingly popular rally. It seems to be an ideal option for those who are not fond of large crowds and settings like the Baltic and Master Truck Show, and want to focus on the opportunity to see the vehicles on display at the event and the content presented by industry exhibitors.

So, as you can see, the summer offer of events dedicated to truckers and truck enthusiasts is so attractive that it will be of interest not only to entrepreneurs, exhibitors and people associated with the transportation and shipping industry. The attractions accompanying these rallies and the phenomenal vehicles present at them make these types of events an opportunity for total automotive laymen to spend time in an interesting way as well.

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