Easter with LCL Nidan Karate Club

LCL Capital Group, which includes LCL Spedition, is not only a strong business player in the Lubusian market, focused on the development of the company, concentrating on the constant expansion of its activities and increasing its competence and the quality of its services. In addition to the above, LCL Spedition is also people with a strong interest in the affairs of the local community, wishing to be a part of that community and providing support to it.

LCL Holding as title sponsor of Nidan Karate Club

Last November, a tripartite agreement was signed between LCL Holding, the Nidan Karate Club and the Nidan Foundation for the Promotion and Development of Traditional Karate. The club gained a title sponsor and its name was changed to LCL Karate Club Nidan Zielona Gora. The mission of the club and the foundation is to popularize this kind of martial art among children, adolescents and adults, as a way of physical recreation and health prevention. Through participation in karate training, not only improves physical condition, it also teaches concentration and self-discipline. Karate is more than a sport – it’s a way of life, it’s the formation of a certain attitude towards the world and other people, and it’s the art of communication with oneself.

The signing of the aforementioned agreement was not the beginning of cooperation between the Club and LCL groups of companies, but rather its culmination, as the company has been supporting the Club’s activities for years.

Easter competition

In connection with the recently celebrated Easter holidays, a competition entitled “The most beautiful Easter garland” was organized for the club’s youngest players, with the winners receiving gifts donated by LCL Spedition – the organizers made sure that none of the children participating in the competition were left without a prize. Creativity and self-reliance in making was the highest scoring. All the garlands decorated the headquarters of LCL companies for the holiday season.

Take a look at the materials in the gallery below, you will see in them beautiful Easter garlands made by the charges of the Nidan club.

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